1. Smart bots (analyzers of market and competitors): Market analysis is crucial for Kinetex's further development, and a real-time change-tracking system is a key to future success. Smart bots help analyze the state of the market for the reorganization of blockchain blocks, price spikes, and changes in the external economic environment while also calculating gas costs, slippage, and commission losses of market participants. Direct connection to blockchains, data parsing, and search algorithms with market emulation will help Kinetex to see the market clearly and build an effective development strategy.

  2. Launch of the decentralized testnet: The Kinetex team plans to launch a decentralized testnet with four key entities:

    • protocol maintainers (computing power required for ZK),

    • decentralized liquidators,

    • resolvers,

    • users.

    The testnet will run for three months, serving as a testing ground for finding bugs. During this time, the team will work closely with the community and develop profitable strategies for all parties involved together.

  3. Migration to Mainnet: An important task is to make a smooth transition from the testnet to the mainnet. Running with a limited amount per transaction will help complete debugging on the main network. The primary tasks will be debugging the estimation of gas prices by resolvers, monitoring execution over time, tracking block reorganization, and creating trading strategies for various assets. Public resolvers will be available when the service is fully operational and becomes public.

  4. Public SDK/API Release: Following the mainnet launch, the team intends to release a public SDK/API. It will enable the integration of the protocol into any project, such as wallets, lending protocols, and more. Aggregators will be able to use Kinetex as a source of liquidity, given the protocol's ability to guarantee both order execution and price stability. Those are two much-needed features in today's DeFi market, particularly for seamless cross-chain operation.

  5. Development of ZK router and network expansion: The team will focus on the development of the ZK router that will offer the market participants a secure solution for validating transactions between networks. The goal is to expand the use of ZK technology and increase the number of supported networks to provide users with cheaper gas and faster transaction speeds. It is an integral part of the Kinetex community's commitment to continuous improvement and adaptation to the demands of the DeFi market.

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