Aggregation Protocol

The Kinetex Aggregation mode works on multi-layer architecture. The aggregation layer collects trading liquidity solutions such as DEXes, DEX aggregators, bridges, limit order protocols, etc. Kinetex algorithms build routes between existing protocols and automatically select the best option, also allowing users to view a list of other possible routes if needed. In addition, Kinetex algorithms analyze the depth of existing liquidity, simulate various scenarios, and calculate gas costs and other fees, providing the most user-friendly experience. This functionality is well suited for swapping rare tokens because Kinetex algorithms can find the most favorable routes even for the rarest crypto assets traded on DEXes.


Kinetex uses a network of relay nodes that provides the ability to automate any swap route, eliminating the need for users to confirm transactions at intermediate stages. The nodes also calculate gas needed for intermediate parts of the routes and pay for it automatically, executing the swap process autonomously.

Liquidity aggregation

Kinetex serves as a multi-chain liquidity aggregator, executing swap transfers along routes created with unique algorithms that work like search engines, finding the fastest, cheapest, and safest swap routes. By integrating popular DEX aggregators, numerous multi-chain bridges, limit order protocols, and liquidity from multi-chain market makers, Kinetex provides the ultimate asset coverage of the crypto market, including over 15,000 tokens and coins across numerous networks and blockchains.

Gasless transactions

The most convenient swap process is achieved in combination with the Multi-chain Gasless technology, which allows users to pay for gas automatically with any token in any network (even if a swap route passes through several networks).

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