Kinetex is introducing the Flash Trade SDK, a comprehensive toolkit for interaction with the Kinetex Flash protocol. This powerful set of tools is developed to extend the accessibility of Flash Trade functionality with external integrations and enhance interactions with the protocol for users, resolvers, and liquidators.

For Developers

The Flash Trade SDK extends beyond basic interactions, offering developers a range of advanced features for efficient liquidity and collateral management. The interface is intentionally presented to be simple and straightforward, ensuring ease of use.

Resolvers can take advantage of the SDK to easily manage collateral, performing tasks such as deposit, withdrawal, and rebalancing. Additionally, the SDK simplifies the process of order liquidation and collateral slashing, streamlining these critical aspects for users.

For Integrations

The SDK is built for easy integration, making it adaptable to different projects and scenarios. Its developer-friendly interface allows external projects to use Flash Trade features effortlessly, contributing to widespread adoption.

Kinetex plans to introduce a widget constructor, making integration even more straightforward. This innovative tool will enable the easy implementation of built-in swap functionality across a variety of projects and ecosystems.

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