Kinetex Flash Trade adopts a gasless approach, eliminating the need for users to worry about gas fees during transactions. Traditional blockchain transactions require users to hold native coins for gas fees, posing challenges in managing multiple network balances. By implementing intent-based architecture, Kinetex simplifies this process by defaulting to gasless technology for swaps. Resolvers manage gas costs and cover them by deducting them from swapped assets. This approach ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience, allowing users to make swaps without worrying about manually initiating the underlying blockchain transactions.

This approach is presented in the following steps:

  1. For Users, the process is simplified so that they only need to provide approval (i.e., token allowance) for the transactions.

  2. An order is created off-chain. The order structure includes details like a User's address, token addresses, amount, minimum return, and deadline.

  3. The User's signature is obtained off-chain using EIP-712 typed structured data hashing and signing. Such an approach replaces the need for the User to call an on-chain function to initiate a transaction and allows the Resolver to manage it independently.

  4. The Resolver handles filling and executing the order entirely on its own, initiating all necessary transactions.

  5. The gas costs are included in the transaction rate to ensure smooth execution.

This design streamlines the user experience and optimizes the process of executing cross-chain transactions. It minimizes the User's active involvement in the process and ensures that all necessary costs are factored in, resulting in a seamless and efficient transaction process.

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