Advanced Routing

A complex multi-part exchange route (one including many liquidity sources) requires calling each of the route’s smart contracts separately. It makes achieving the atomicity of the whole operation impossible, causes additional gas costs, and requires confirmation of several transactions.

This problem is solved by exchanging assets through Kinetex Advanced Router. The router is designed as a smart contract to combine several exchange points within the same network, thus ensuring the atomicity of the operation from start to finish within that network.

The use of one smart contract call reduces gas costs and eliminates the need to confirm every step of the exchange (be it a DEX swap transaction or an execution of a bridge's smart contract).

The key feature of the router is the ability to automatically connect the liquidity of bridges, DEXes, market makers, and limit order protocols, achieving the best deals.

In addition, Kinetex Advanced Router may split the exchanged amount and exchange it on several bridges or other liquidity sources in parallel, thus increasing the depth of the available liquidity and minimizing the price impact.

The router's functionality will be completely transparent: the source code will be made public and audited by independent security companies. It is planned to deploy the router’s smart contract on all supported EVM networks.