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Light Client Updates

Protocol Maintainers play a critical role in the Kinetex Network by being responsible for updating the light client. The light client is a simplified version of the blockchain that allows Users to interact with the blockchain without having to download and verify the entire chain.
The integrity of the light client is ensured through the use of zero-knowledge proofs and Merkle-proof technology. Zero-knowledge proofs allow one party to prove to another that they know a value (in this case, that a transaction or event occurred) without conveying any information apart from the fact that they indeed know the value. And Merkle proofs allow for the verification of specific transactions within a block without needing to hold the entire block data.
Updates to the light client can either be scheduled or requested. For scheduled updates, a one-time commission is charged. For requested updates, a balance is deposited and utilized as needed.
An on-chain light client can prove the existence of transactions and events that occurred in any block before the current light-client block header. It includes transaction data, as well as storage and event data, providing a comprehensive snapshot of the state of the blockchain at any given block.